Hi, do you have a penchant for singing?

Great news from MeetLala! We are pleased to offer the following:

  1. Trial Lesson: Try an activity for Just $10
  2. 30-minute lesson: For Only $30
  3. 60-minute lesson: only $40
  4. Package offer: 8 lessons of 30 minutes for $160
  5. Package offer: 8 lessons of 60 minutes for $ 200

Additional benefits:

  1. Money Back Guarantee: Satisfaction Guaranteed
  2. Individual training: Classes for all skill levels
  3. Experienced instructors: Professional and friendly
  4. Flexible schedule: We work according to your schedule

Are you ready to start? Sign up for a lesson using the link https://www.meetlala.io/student?utm_campaign=artAL

We are looking forward to your feedback.

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